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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

happy thanksgiving!

i'm going to my parent's house for the holidays and i won't be back until sunday. that probably means i won't be blogging too much until after i get back. (something about posting to this blog from my parent's pc just doesn't seem like a good idea. :-)

anyway, there's lots to tell when i get back so don't forget about me!

have a great holiday and i'll talk to you soon.

love ya!


Monday, November 22, 2004


hi everybody! sorry i haven't posted as much lately, but i haven't forgotten about all of you! things have just been so busy at work lately that i don't have much time to post these days. it will get better soon though, and that's good, because i have lots to tell both about peter and my boss.

i'll fill you in on all the details later, but in the meantime, i'll just say that things are going pretty well with peter. that's kind of freaking me out, because... well i'm exactly sure why. i've dated some really hot guys in the past and i've always found that they fell short in other departments and were usually a big disappoointment. but that's okay because... okay, this is going to sound really corny like something my mom would say, but you know what? looks really aren't everything. they're great for getting your attention, but after that?

like i said, most really hot guys have been boring to me. or arrogant. or had some other fatal flaw. on the other hand, i have dated some guys in the past that were... well maybe not so good-looking. but in some of those cases we really meshed. and in cases where we got along and the sex was good, i became really attracted to them. i mean really attracted! there are some guys from my past that i can still get hot thinking about and no other girl would understand! but once you really like a person, they become more attractive to you, and you don't even see the unattractive parts anymore. there was this one guy who wasn't really gq material, but for some reason i thought his shoulders were really sexy. i found that i focused on his shoulders almost exclusively. attraction is such a funny thing.

but anyway, peter so far seems very nice and fairly interesting and we get along great. i think the sex is going to be good too, but it's a little too early to tell. ;-) he's not perfect, but he's good. and he's gorgeous. something about that combination scares me a little. i would never end up with a guy just because of his looks. but what if peter is good but not great? what if i let his looks push me to settle for good instead of great?

anyway, it's way too early to be freaking out about all of this i guess. maybe he'll end up being great after all. or maybe he won't even be good. maybe he'll just be someone that i have some fun, hot times with for a while. i think at the end of the day that that, at least, is guaranteed. :-)

more later!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

okay, am i weird?

i'm not a lesbian or anything but sometimes i really just want to make out with a girl. i'm not really into girl-on-girl sex so much, but just kissing a pretty girl can be really nice. their lips are so soft and they smell good and i hate to say it, but girls are just better kissers. sorry guys. :-(

is it just me? anyone else know what i'm talking about?

Monday, November 15, 2004

date with peter

all right, don't worry, i didn't forget to fill you guys in. ;)

peter picked me up after work friday night. he was taking me to an art opeining of a friend he knew. he showed up in his own car, and i was not prepared for that! i know having your own car isn't that big a deal, but in new york city, i'm not used to getting driven around by my dates. it's like my own personal taxi. :)

his car was small but nice (i don't know much about cars!) and he drove us to this place in the meat-packing district. it was pretty empty and easy to park down there. when we got to the place there was a small line to get in, but it moved pretty fast. it looked just like an old warehouse from the outside, but when we got in, there were lots of well-dressed people, live piano music, and lots of wine, champagne and cheese.

for a minute i felt like i might be underdressed and then i felt myself start to blush. then i kicked myself for being such a schoolgirl! god damn, what was it about this guy? he's only like 23, but he makes me feel like i'm in high school! i hate that! but then again i love it too. :)

anyway i soon felt better because i noticed that peter was hardly dressed up. he was wearing black jeans and a turtleneck sweater, but it looked so fucking good on him it was easy to forget he wasn't dressed to the nines. :)

they had work there by several different artists, and they were arranged in different "rooms" separated by those portable wall thingies. we walked around looking at the different paintings, and he kept putting his hand on my neck and rubbing. his hand felt soooooo warm, i kind of melted inside. i hated myself for being so giddy around him, but i just couldn't help it. damn, i was with the hottest guy there. but i couldn't think about it too much because then i would get nervous.

i'm not an expert on art or anything, but some of it was really nice. there was this one girl who did paintings on glass. there were several rooms devoted to her stuff. some of the rooms were dark, because she did this kind of fluourescent painting and some of the paintings had neon lights integrated into them.

we had wondered through several of these darkened rooms, and then we were in one by ourselves. he bent down to kiss me and i swear to god i thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest. i hoped he couldn't tell how much it was racing because i would be embarrassed.

then, after a long deep kiss, he started to pull away. this is the point where i could take a little bit of control. :)

i grabbed his head and pulled it back down into mine, our tongues swirling around in each other's mouths. he moaned slightly and i knew he was getting into it. i moved my body up close against his and pressed against him as close as i could. he grabbed my ass and continued to kiss me. at this point my heart was racing out of control. i was wearing a short black skirt made of thin stretchy material. i'm in there making out with him like crazy and i feel his hands go under my skirt, but from below. he's lifting my skirt a little, and i feel his hands on my ass, squeezing, rubbing, pulling me against him as our tongues continued their frenzied explorations.

my "lucky panties" i had worn are thongs, so his hands were on my bare ass cheeks, which were still cold from the wait in line outside. his hands on my bare naked ass felt so good i could have fucked him right then and there. i'm sure i would have too, had he not pulled away from me at last. i didn't want to let him go, but it was a good thing i did, because shortly afterwords this elderly couple had come into the room we were in to look at the art. i started giggling and he told me to "shh!" fuck, i was doing that "schoolgirl" thing again. he was going to think i was immature.

then after we left he took me to tavern on the green! i was really starting to feel underdressed then. :) but we had a great dinner, with more champage. i felt bad because he spent so much money on dinner. i knew he was fairly succesful as a model but i doubted he made that much money at it. i hoped he wasn't doing it just to impress me, although he didn't seem the type to try to make false impressions.

after dinner i'm a little bit tipsy and feeling like i'm in love because this guy is not only so nice but so fucking hot! after dinner we went for a quick walk in the park, but it wsa very cold so he got his car from the valet parking and drove me home.

when we pulled up in front of my building i looked up to our window and saw the light on, so i knew katie must have been there. the first thing i said was "my roommate's home," and i instantly regretted it because i think it made him more hesitant to come up. we made out for a while in his car, and then i invited him up but he said he'd better get home. it was after 11 by now. so i made out with him some more, hoping to change his mind.

"are you sure you won't come up?" i said. he smiled and said he'd like to, maybe next time.

"okay," i said. but i told him i had a great time and i wanted to give him a good-night present. before he could object and before i could change my mind, i leaned over and unzipped his pants. the street i live on is kind of a small, cut-through street, so there isn't too much through-traffic. also it was very dark, and we were both wearing black, so i just said "fuck it" and took him in my mouth right then and there.

god, he even tasted good. usually i do this to be nice to guys, but this was really turning me on. and he wasn't objecting or trying to tug me away, like chris did. this was a refreshing change of pace. i could tell he was really enjoying it by his sighs and little moans, and the encouraging motions of his hands on my head, neck and hair.

i sort of lose track of times in these situations so i'm not sure how long i was at it. i know i got so into it that i kind of forgot my surroundings, so i just hope no one walked by. then i was bobbing my head up and down, faster and faster, because i could tell he was getting close. i knew he was about to come, but i just kept him in my mouth, not letting him go, communicating to him that it was okay for him to let go. finally he did. he moaned a little, arched his back, and raised his butt off the seat, as he filled my mouth with several short, rapid bursts. i didn't let go of him until i was sure i had swallowed it all, and he was clean. finally, i removed him from my mouth, sat up, and smiled at him, brushing my hair out of my eyes.

"wow," he said. "that was really, really nice. when do i get to return the favor?"

i was glad he asked. "next time." i said. i blew him a kiss. i don't know yet if he's the kind of guy that doesn't like to be kissed after that. i told him good night, and got out of his car and went up to my room.

i'd say all in all it went pretty well. i'm already looking forward to our next date, when he can 'return the favor.' i couldn't stop thinking about it in my bed. i masturbated, thinking of him, until i was finally able to fall asleep.

Friday, November 12, 2004


well, tonight's the date with peter! but it looks like it may rain, so that sucks. oh well. i'm kind of ashamed to admit this but i'm actually... nervous! i can't remember the last time i've been nervous on a date. i feel like i'm in high school or something. :-)

oh, and i think there may be more vibes from my boss. i still haven't found out his "family" situation yet for sure.

anyway, i'll keep you posted on everything later! wish me luck. :-)

Thursday, November 11, 2004


okay, i've got a date tomorrow night. :-)

i met this guy named peter at the election party i told you about. i didn't say anything about him at first because i wasn't sure if i'd hear from him again or not. he got my number but i didn't know if he would call or not. he's absolutely fucking gorgeous so i didn't want to get my hopes up. then when i got sick for a few days i had almost written him off, but he called last night.

okay, i'm almost embarrassed to admit this but he's... a model. but he doesn't look exactly like most models i've known. he's thin but not too thin. and he's masculine enough not to look pasty. he's got curly, close-cropped black hair and the most amazing blue eyes. he was wearing a green turtle-neck sweater the night of the party and had a little bit of stubble on his face. you know the look. they try to make it look "casual" or "relaxed" and i'm not a guy, but i'm guessing it takes a fair amount of effort to acheive just the right amount of "stubble." :-) or maybe i'm thinking too much like a girl, but if he's a model, he must spend hours worrying about his appearance too, right? it would be nice for a change to have a boyfriend who can relate to that. ;-)

anyway, i hate to say it, but when i saw him at the party he was so beautiful i was sure he must be gay. oh well, i guess not. to be honest, i can't remember much about our conversation, because most of it happened after i was already drunk. i hope i didn't embarrass myself, but i guess i couldn't have been too bad, because he called me up. honestly, i was so surprised it took me a minute to realize who was calling me. anyway, i guess we'll be going out tomorrow. he's taking me to an art opening and dinner later. as always, i'll keep you posted. i'm wearing my "nice" panties, just in case. ;-) (i'm bad!)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

my boss

okay, i am definitely getting some kind of vibe from my boss. at first i thought i was imagining it but now i don't think so. i call him kyle, and he's one of the younger lawyers at the firm here, but he's still a little old for me. probably about 40 or maybe a little older. don't get me wrong, he still looks good. he plays racketball a lot and is in great shape. i admit i've caught myself checking out his ass sometimes when he comes into our office area.

but lately i've noticed he talks to me more. and when i'm asking him a question or something he'll put his hand on his shoulder or my hair or something. this has been happening a lot lately. never any more than that though, but i wonder if he will get bolder. i've never been with a guy that old before, but i wouldn't mind doing it. the thing is that i think he's married. i can't remember why i think that, but i do. he doesn't wear a ring and if he is married, he never ever talks about his wife or his family, at least around me. so maybe i'm wrong.

i just wonder why the sudden interest. this doesn't bother me except for one thing. what if he's discovered my blog?!?! i giuss that's pretty unlikely, but i do sometimes post from work, although i always try to make sure i shut everything down afterwards. well if he is reading this, i guess we'll find out soon enough. :-)

i hope not, though. i know i'm not a shy person but having my boss read all this would be a bit embarrassing.

maybe i'll try to ask around some of the other people whether kyle's married or not. but i just have to wait for the right opportunity to come up. i definitely don't want to sound like i'm interested.